JOKES aka Jorge Yanes

Jokes is a writer, director and Emmy-winning editor working on music video, narrative, and documentary form. His first hit was as co-creator and creative director of “The Roof” - accredited for setting the direction of a new Latin network named MUN2 and breaking out Latin hip hop and Reggaeton music onto the international community. Jokes has worked with such artists as T-Pain, Pitbull, ¡Mayday! Cee-Lo Green, Bobby Valentino, Nore, Nate Dog, Slim Thug, Mike Jones, and many more.  JOKES directed the music video “Groundhog Day” for the band ¡Mayday! upon upload to the newly launched site YOUTUBE, it quickly rose to become one of the Internet’s most heavily viewed videos, receiving 2 million views in two days, landing a article on the front page of the New York Times. Jokes, then wrote, directed, and edited “Oohwee,” featuring T-Pain’s acting debut, which became the opening for his Scream Tour reaching 4.5 Million concert attendees. In the same year, he directed all Down Aka Kilo music videos reaching over 12.5 M views. In 2008, he transitioned into narrative work and won an Emmy for Best Editing on the Latin TV miniseries, “Gabriel: Amor Immortal.” As a film writer/director, his first short drama, Valdimir’s Vodka (2009), played at several film festivals and led to his directorial feature film debut #EM3 - released on Redbox. Today, he edits documentaries and music videos, while writing/directing his independent projects. His TV Series “Instant Gratification” and poof of concept short Toyed (2016) produced by James Walhburg are currently in production.

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